Profile of the founders:

  • – A team (at least two people) with a diverse set of skills that complement each other

  • – Demonstrated leadership skills and ability to work with and mobilise others

  • – Relevant education and technical knowledge of their idea is a plus

  • – Commitment to the development of the social enterprises

Incubator Services

The incubator offers the following services:

  • – Capacity Building

  • – Technical Support

  • – Infrastructural Support

  • – Networking/Connections

  • – After completion of the validation phase the social entrepreneurs will be invited to pitch their idea in front of a panel

  • – If selected, the entrepreneurs will get access all incubation services

What we are looking for in the Validation phase :

  • The cause- A clearly identified root cause of a problem present in the community

  • The social impact – we look for a clear theory of change and social impact delivery model which will scale in the future

  • The team – experience has taught us that social startups are more likely to thrive when they have a solid team and a variety of useful network connections.

What are we looking for in the incubation phase:

  • The mindset- an ability to showcase flexibility and ability to iterate according to received feedback and proven market needs

  • The revenue model – clarity on the value proposition and your routes to market is important. We need to understand how the social startup will grow in terms of operations and impact

  • The plan – a clear vision for the future with a sound and credible growth strategy allows us to clearly assess your ambition and potential.

We recognise that some of these elements may still be a work-in-progress; this is why we provide services and support during the incubation period. Our assessment also demands an understanding of the level of support required by each team.