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Transform your dream of social change into reality

WHAT WE DO/how we can help

We back entrepreneurs who change lives

Capacity Building,Technical Support, ADVISING, CONSULTING, MENTORING,COACHING, networking opportunities, introductions to prospective investors, Training

How you can help

Corporates: as part of your CSR you may allocate some pro-bono services such as training , legal, accounting to social enterprises


Can spread awareness about IMPACT of social entrepreneurship while making profits.

Making profit is not a sin

For  success in anything you want to achieve and transform your dreams into reality, you need hard work, determination, learning from failure and persistance.

MAV offers creative innovators a platform of supporters, community of like minded people, mentors, consultants to help you bring ideas into successful social enterprises.

What You Can Do

| Partner with us

we are trying change through innovation and creativity. We are trying to find ways to address social issues through sustainable, long-term solutions.

Partnering with us provides an opportunity to engage in a way that benefits all. We work with our partners to develop programs that meet shared goals. More than just “philanthropy”, our partnerships enable you to contribute to in an engaged, impactful way.

Supporting: Competitions, Capacity Building

Partner with us to deliver social impact through supporting the Incubator for Innovative Social Enterprises. Programs include competitions for social innovation , capacity building, expertise sharing, .

Ideas Partners

Research-based organizations

Supporting: Research, Policy & Knowledge Sharing

Work with us to promote a social entrepreneurship ecosystem .We invite civil society and professionals to discuss issues and share ideas, and advocating for policy to support the ecosystem.

Partnering can include

  1. Sponsorship of competitions, social enterprises, and events

  2. Prominent publicity, logo placement, and public recognition

  3. Employee engagement programs

How You Can Help?

–        Pro-bono staff expertise

if you are intrested to volutneer with us or any of our iincubated social entrperiese.please write to us.

provide one-on-one guidance, knowledge, and expertise to help answer our social entrepreneurs’ challenging questions

  • Pro bono consultant: offer technical expertise in your area of speciality

 become a trainer under  Social Enterprise Training Program