HUDCEN Digital Skills Development

HUDCEN – Human Dvelopment Centre
runs innovative, immersive Learning Boot-Camps.

Presently we are aiming to enable young adults in marketable digital skills by which they start earning $$$ either as a side hustle or as full time freeLancers.
preparing for global jobs of the future

Methodology: Experiential Learning

  • Maximum use of exponential futuristic technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Game and Video based Learning
  • Community “circles” of Learning
  • Curating just-in-time latest updated information
Bite size Micro Learning course modules in skills marketable globally in dollars on platforms like,, and many others.

Enabling people to earn side income or become full time online freelancers by working from home or at co-working shared work spaces.

In addition to training courses for above there is a need to train few suitable entrepreneurs who can act as a bridge between the techie and the customer. Business communication, negotiation skills, how to write a proposal, payment processing etc